Unauthorised madarasa and namaz at historical Pandav wada stopped by local Administration

  • Pandav wada under the control of the District Administration
  • Curfew imposed
  • Petition filed to withdraw the order

(Credit : Hindu Existence)

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) – District Collector Aman Mittal has issued an interim order to stop unauthorised madarasa and namaz at the historical Pandav wada in Erandol region in the District. Mosque management has filed a petition against this order with the Aurangabad Bench of Mumbai High Court, demanding cancellation of the order issued by the District Collector. Its hearing will be held on 18th July 2023.

District Collector has asked Jumma Masjid’s trustees to hand over the keys of the mosque to the district authorities. The order, however, allows two persons to offer prayers to maintain the sanctity of the mosque till a final decision is taken.  To stop more than two persons from offering prayers, a curfew has been imposed under Section 144 in the region.

(Credit : Hindu Existence)

Pandav wada Sangharsh Samiti (PSS) says that the local Muslims have encroached on the place and are offering namaz there

Pro-Hindu organisations have demanded the removal of such encroachment by Jumma Masjid committee.

Tehsildar said, “Hindus are claiming right on this part since 1980 as it is believed that the Pandavas spent some of their years in exile in the Erandol region and that the Hindu and Jain temple-like structures built here relate to Pandavas from Mahabharata. PSS lodged a complaint with District Collector on 18th May 2023.”

Memo by PSS to District Collector

PSS submitted a memorandum to Aman Mittal, District Collector of Jalgaon, stating that it was an ancient place of Hindus. The old construction is that of a temple. Works of art from the Mahabharat period will be found here.

Claim to be a property as registered under Waqf

Maharashtra Waqf Board claims the property was registered under the State Waqf Board in 2009. Moin Tehsildar, the Chief Executive Officer of the Waqf Board, wrote to the District Administration that it was a Waqf-registered property and did not come under the jurisdiction of the District Collector.

A cunning ploy of Maharashtra Waqf Board – Editor

Unauthorised madarasa and collective namaz stopped at Pandav wada – Prasad Dandavate, Erandol, PSS

Fanatics encroached upon Pandav wada and got illegal control over the same. He lodged a complaint on 18th May 2018 in this connection. Many hearings have been held on the issue so far. During the hearing held on 11th July 2023, he proved that Jumma Masjid Trust has no connection with Pandav wada because the papers related to the land submitted by Masjid Trust to the Charity Commissioner’s office and papers related to Pandav wada are totally different. The land registered by Jumma Masjid Trust in Charity Commissioner’s office has Grp no. 477/478/479 whereas Pandav wada land’s Grp no is 1100. There is a distance of 4 km between the two lands. Two unauthorised madarasas were run at that place, and they should be immediately closed down. Namaz should also be stopped. He has demanded the demolition of the unauthorised structure in Pandav wada.

The next hearing will be held on 18th July 2023 ! – Aman Mittal, District Collector, Jalgaon

The hearing has been held three times earlier and both sides have been heard. The next hearing is on 18th July 2023 after which necessary action will be taken.

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