After France, violence by fanatical Muslims spills over in Belgium and Switzerland !

(Credit : BNN Network, Reuters)

Bern (Switzerland) – Muslim fanatics have now started violence in European countries like Switzerland and Belgium after France. Violence was reported in the French-speaking city of Lausanne in Switzerland. More than 100 fanatics targeted and vandalised several shops in the Swiss town of Lausanne. Muslim girls are also involved in rioting.

(Credit : TN Plus)

Seven people were detained; most of them Muslim teenagers, after shops in the city were attacked in an “echo” of ongoing widespread violence in neighbouring France, according to Police. More than 64 rioters have been arrested so far.

Editorial Viewpoint

It will not be a surprise if this violence spreads slowly throughout Europe ! Narendra Modi showed how to crush this kind of violence when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Similarly, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is showing this in Uttar Pradesh ! Anyone would think that European countries should follow their example !

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