Film director Ali Akbar, who embraced Hinduism, resigns from BJP !

Ali Akbar alias Ramasimhan Abubakar

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Renowned film director of Kerala and member of BJP’s Kerala Pradesh Executive Ali Akbar alias Ramasimhan Abubakar resigned from the party on 16th June. He is the third person in the film industry to resign from BJP in the last few weeks. Last year he renounced Islam and embraced Hinduism. While resigning, he said, ‘I am not a slave to any politics. I’m now freed from everything and standing only with Dharma !’

Akbar announced the film ‘Hindu Side of the Rebellion’ based on the Malabar Rebellion of 1921. Last week, renowned Malayalam film director Rajasenan also resigned from the BJP’s State Executive. ‘As an artist and a politician, I was neglected in BJP. So, I have decided to join Marxist Communist Party. Artists are given freedom there’, Rajasenan said after quitting the BJP. Film actor Bhiman Raghu has also indicated his exit from BJP.

Actors who joined BJP had to face a boycott in Kerala film industry ! – BJP

Responding to this development, BJP spokesperson Narayanan Namboothiri said, ‘Ali Akbar has not been active in the party for some time now. His decision to quit the party is a personal one. He is free to make his decision as an artist. We do not understand what Rajasenan expected from the party. Actors who joined the BJP faced a boycott in the Kerala film industry. Rajasenan had spoken about this once after joining the party. Also, after Suresh Gopi joined the BJP, there was a campaign against his film’ ! (Why don’t those who otherwise create havoc in the name of freedom of expression, and individual freedom talk about this ? Please note that because of the communist hold over the Malayalam film industry, actors who join the BJP are boycotted ! – Editor)

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