Hindus here have power to elect next US President : Congressman Richard McCormick

First Hindu-American Conference held in the US Parliament with Vedic mantras

Congressman Richard McCormick

Washington (US) – “Hindus in the US have the power to choose the next President. I’m not just saying this, I think you have that potential. Once you engage with the right leaders, you will realise your power. You will write laws for the US, which will take our country on the path of progress for decades”, praised Congressman Richard McCormick. The first Hindu-American Conference was organised on the 14th of June in the Capitol Hill of the US. He was addressing the audience at that time. The Conference was named ‘Americans for Hindus’. 130 Indian-American leaders participated in it. The Conference was started with Vedic mantras and prayers. The Conference was organised in collaboration with 20 Hindu organisations. Its purpose was to draw the attention of the US law makers to the problems of Hindus living in the US.

Organiser of this Conference, Romesh Japra said, “Hindu society has done a great job in every field but politically, we are way behind. We feel that Hindu Americans are being discriminated. That is why we thought it is a good idea to bring all the organisations together”

Will form ‘Hindu Caucus’ in US Parliament : Congressman Shrinivas Thanedar

Shrinivas Thanedar, an Indian-American Congressman

In this Conference Shrinivas Thanedar, an Indian-American Congressman, has announced the formation of a ‘Hindu Caucus’ in US Parliament. (The caucus is a group of like-minded members of the US Parliament. The caucus is governed by parliament rules.) Its purpose is to prevent hatred and discrimination against Hindus in the US. Shrinivas Thanedar is originally from Belagavi (Karnataka). He is a member of ‘Samosa Caucus’ in Parliament. This group consists of Congressmen of Indian origin. These Congressmen present topics related to India in Parliament.

Srinivas Thanedar said, “every person should have the right to choose his religion. Being able to pray to God without any fear or discrimination is a fundamental human right. We are not against anyone.”

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