Decline in Hindu population in Nepal while Muslim and Christian population on the rise !

(Credit : OpIndia)

Kathmandu (Nepal) – The Nepal Census 2021 statistics have been recently released. As per the report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics the population of the majority Hindu community is 81.18%. In all, there are 2.367 crore Hindus in Nepal. This is followed by 23.94 lakh Buddhists who form 8.2% of the population. The Muslim population stands at 14.83 lakh which is 5.09% of the total population. However, there has been a 0.11% decline in the Hindu population and 0.79% decline in Buddhist population. At the same time, Muslims have grown by 0.69% and Christians by 0.36%. Though these figures seem to be less, they become significant when compared with the declining Hindu and Buddhist population percentage.

Editorial Viewpoint

It will not come as a surprise if a few decades later both India and Nepal become Hindu minority nations ! Before that happens, efforts should be taken to form a Hindu Rashtra in India and Nepal.

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