Muslim youth attempts to attack the Minister of Uttarakhand while shouting ‘Ya Khuda’

  • Security guards catch the youth
  • Family claims that youth is mentally unstable

(Credit : OpIndia)

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – A youth named Imran attempted to attack Uttarakhand’s BJP Government Minister for Soldier Welfare and Agriculture, Ganesh Joshi, by raising “Ya Khuda” slogans in Dakra Bazar here. He also beat the shopkeepers here. Therefore, the locals caught him and beat him up. Later the Police took him into custody. He is a resident of Bijnor, UP. Imran’s family has claimed that he is mentally unstable.

Ganesh Joshi was conducting public relations campaign in the market when Imran approached him and tried to assault him with a stick. Joshi’s security guards then caught him and pulled the stick from his hands.

Editorial Viewpoint

When a Muslim fanatic attacks Hindu temples, the Police always claim that he is mentally unstable. The family of this youth is now making a similar claim. It is clear that this is an attempt to mislead the incident.

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