Lust-driven Muslim Constable from Delhi Police rapes Hindu girl after giving her spiked food !

  • Threatens to murder brother, converts the victim and marries her
  • Sexually exploits her for 11 years
  • Has converted many Hindu girls

Victim Hindu girl

Hapur (UP) – Delhi Police Constable Wasim Ali and the men in his family provided a Hindu girl living in their own building spiked food and rape her. After this, having threatened her with the murder of her brother, Wasim converted and married her. For the next 11 years, she was drugged and kept confined within the house. During this period, she was sexually exploited by her brother-in-law too. She finally managed to escape after 11 years. She went to her grandfather’s house, informed about the torture and filed a Police complaint. She mentioned that Wasim had used a love-trap to bring about the religious conversion of many Hindu girls.  He had also threatened the victim that he would murder and chop her into pieces like Shraddha Walkar.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Since such incidents are occurring everywhere in the nation, the Union Government should take serious note of this and take necessary measures on a war footing.
  • Police themselves committing Love Jihad is a case of the protector becoming the predator !  Will the Police, who are unable to know a serious crime going on in their own department for 11 years, ever be able to know activities of terrorists ? In this case, strict action should be taken against the responsible Police Officers too.

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