Population of Muslims in Spain has increased 10 times in the last 30 years !

There are more than 2,000 mosques in the country and 53 Islamic organisations !

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Madrid (Spain) – In the last 30 years, the population of Muslims in Spain, a European country, has increased 10 times. This information has been given by the ‘Secretary of the Islamic Commission’ of Spain in a report. Although the population of Muslims in Spain is said to have exceeded 25 lakhs, this number is more than 30 lakhs, said Mohammed Ajana of this commission.

1. Mohammed Ajana said that earlier the Muslim population here was more non-residents, but now their number has increased as Muslim citizens. More than 10 lakh Muslims are citizens of Spain. Among other Muslims are non-residents. These Muslims have migrated from Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, and Senegal. Most Muslims live in Spain’s industrial cities.

2. Currently, there are 53 Muslim organisations in Spain, while there are more than 2,000 mosques. There are also 40 cemeteries. ‘A license is required from the Government to build a mosque. There are problems while obtaining it’, Mohammed Ajana said.

3. Many people convert to Islam every Friday in Andalusia, Spain. This process is locally known as ‘Shahada’. These conversions are done in the Grand Mosque there. A Christian pastor also converted to Islam in this mosque.

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4. Omar del Pojo, president of the ‘Spanish Islamic Society Association’ and ‘Granada Grand Mosque Foundation’, said that there was an increase in conversions during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are 36,000 Muslims in Granada and 3,700 of them are converted Muslims. Pictures and videos of the conversion continue to circulate.

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if Christian-majority Europe becomes Muslim-majority in the future !

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