Ruling party is cleverly using Islamophobia in our society : Actor Naseeruddin Shah

Mumbai – The current times are worrying. Muslim-hatred is fashionable these days, even among the educated people. (Shah is lying blatantly. In reality, Hindu-hatred is fashionable in India. – Editor). It is what the ruling party has very cleverly tapped into this nerve, blurted actor Naseeruddin Shah. Indian Express has published a news article about this.

Shah added, ‘We (Muslims) talk about secular this, democracy that, so why are you introducing religion into everything ? Unabashed islamophobia is being used to get votes in the elections. Cinemas and events are being used to spread false information in society. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has become a mute spectator towards the politicians who use religion to get votes in the elections. (Isn’t it unlawful to criticise the ECI ? Will ECI take any action against Shah ? – Editor). If there had been a Muslim leader who had said, ‘Allah Hu Akbar bol ke button dabao’ (Say Allah Hu Akbar and press the button), there would be hue and cry. But our Prime Minister goes ahead and says things like this and yet he loses. I have hope that this will wear off. But it’s definitely, at the moment, at its peak. It has been a very clever card played by this Government. (For several years, the Congress party won votes of Muslims through appeasement politics. Did Naseeruddin Shah ever speak about politics of religion while receiving special privileges for being a Muslim ? – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Muslims in India receive privileges for being a minority community, which they would not even get in a Muslim country. Despite that, they hate Hindus.
  • How many Hindu actors speak against attacks on Hindu Dharma such as – Love Jihad, killings of Hindu activists, attacks on religious processions, etc. ?

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