Even after 11 years, no compensation for losses during Azad Maidan riots !

  • Case of Raza Academy riots in Mumbai
  • Provocative speakers are not arrested
  • Testimony recording of accused still pending

Religious fanatics rioting

Mumbai – On 11th August, 2012, religious fanatic workers of Raza Academy had rioted at Azad Maidan causing huge financial losses. They had held a march there to protest alleged atrocities against Muslims in Myanmar. After the riots, the Bombay High Court then ordered recovery of Rs 36 lakh from the 60 rioters of Raza Academy. However, it has come to light that even after 11 years, not a single rupee has been recovered. (Should we think that because of the fear of the religious fanatics, the Police and the administration hesitate to recover compensation ? – Editor) This news has been published on ‘Hindustan Post’ news website.

Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar

1. Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, National President of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, sought information about the loss and its recovery through RTI. As per the information given by the Mumbai Collector, order was given to the Police on the basis of High Court order to register criminal cases against 60 people and recover compensation of Rs 36,44,680 from the rioters. In this riot, it was directed that Rs 25,78,379 should be recovered from the rioters as compensation for the Police department, Rs 3,45,379 for BEST services and Rs 3,15,37 for the fire brigade.

2. Police went to the addresses given by the concerned rioters for recovery but it was found that the rioters are not living there. (Rioter Muslims are clever in anti-national tactics ! – Editor) Not even a single rupee has been recovered due to this. (It can be said that the Police administration made a fool out of themselves ! – Editor)

3. All the accused in this case are out on bail and are roaming free.

4. The testimony of 860 witnesses in the case still not recorded. The testimony of none of them has been recorded in the Court. (In cases against Hindus, testimony is taken immediately and arrests are made promptly. Would it be wrong if someone says that this case has been deliberately suppressed ? – Editor)

5. 17 people including Maulana Niamat Noori, Maulana Akhtar Ali, Maulana Amanullah Barkati, Maulana Gulab Abdur Qadri, former Police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan of Raza Academy gave provocative speeches from the stage. The Police had registered a case against them then but Police did not dare to arrest even one of them yet. (Even if Hindus just give edifying speech about Dharma, culture they are immediately put into prison. But this promptness is not shown in case of Muslims. Note this duplicity and love for Muslims ! – Editor) So all these accused are roaming free.

6. Religious fanatics who misbehaved with women Police officers are also free. (This is an insult to all women ! – Editor)

File Video depicting the riots 10 years ago (Credit : NDTV)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The lack of action even after 11 years of the riots is an embarrassment to the secular democracy and law and order. This incident shows India’s movement towards Islamisation. To prevent this, establishment of Hindu Rashtra is a must.
  • The riot took place during the tenure of Congress and Rashtravadi Congress Government. The concerned from these parties should be imprisoned for life for not taking prompt action.

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