DMK Govt of Tamil Nadu submitted an affidavit in SC regarding ban on the film ‘The Kerala Story’ 

The affidavit states ‘The theatre owners removed the film as it was not getting a good response’

New Delhi – The Kerala Story’s Producer Vipul Shah and Director Sudipto Sen filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the banning of the film in Bengal and Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court had issued a notice to the States during the previous hearing. The Tamil Nadu Government has presented an affidavit regarding this issue to the Supreme Court. The DMK Government has said, ‘The film producer-director have made a wrong accusation. We have not banned the film. The theatre owners withdrew the film. This was done as there was little response from the audience.

The Government said, this film was released in 19 multiplexes. The petitioners have not submitted any proof of the film being banned. Actually, the State had assigned extra Police at these multiplexes. The State had taken every precaution that law and order would be maintained during the viewing of the film. 25 Police Deputy Commissioners and 965 Police personnel had been assigned by the State for the security of the 21 theatres showing this film. The theatre owners withdrew the film as it was not getting the expected response from the public. Tamil Nadu Government can give security to the theatres showing the film it cannot increase the people’s response to the film.

(Credit : CNN-News 18)

Vipul Shah has said in the petition, ‘The State Government will not give support to the theatres to show the film. And that is why the theatre owners withdrew the film, this is what was unofficially told by the administration.’ To this, the Tamil Nadu Government refuted the allegation and said ‘a false statement has been made intentionally’.

Editorial Viewpoint

The film is getting a great response in the country as can be seen from the fact that they have earned till date Rs 100 crore at the box office. The film was withdrawn in just 3 days from the theatres of Tamil Nadu by the owners. From this, it can be seen how false is the claim made to the Supreme Court by the Tamil Nadu Government. What else could be expected from Hinduphobic DMK Government ?

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