Hindus enraged against Starbucks for promoting sex transformation

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

New Delhi – The new advertisement of Starbucks has encouraged sex transformation through a video. It can be seen in the video that a boy changes his gender against the wish of his parents and the parents accept it peacefully. (On one hand, same-sex marriage is encouraged and on the other hand unnatural things like gender change are promoted. The devout Hindus should come together to raise their voice against this ! – Editor) Hindus are enraged due to this advertisement.

The video shows the woman’s mother urging her husband to not get angry at their daughter this time when she arrives, which follows a sentimental nervous interaction between the family. As Starbucks is known for its practice of writing customers’ names on their cups, when the father orders coffee for the family, the barista calls out the name Arpita instead of the woman’s dead name Arpit, indicating the father’s acceptance of daughter for who she is. The video ends with the father conveying his feelings that for him his child’s changed appearance does not matter and that Arpita is the same kid he’s always had.

Hindus are protesting against this advertisement on social media. #BoycottStarbucks has become the trending hashtags. Some have questioned if they will dare to make an advertisement using the names ‘Salim’ and ‘Salma’ instead of ‘Arpit’ and ‘Arpita’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Please note that encouraging gender transformation after promoting live-in relationships in India is an international conspiracy.
  • Starbucks, which is a US company, is running in India in partnership with TATA. Hence, now TATA should compel Starbucks to withdraw the advertisement.

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