Permission denied for celebrating ‘Maharashtra Day’ due to fear of Muslims ! 

Bullying by Thane Bazarpeth Police

Temple of Shri Durgadevi on Durgadi Fort

Thane, 13th May – Police did not grant permission for celebrating ‘Maharashtra Day’ at Durgadi Fort due to fear of Muslims. Earlier, the Police had refused permission even for the celebration of ‘Shiva-Jayanti’ at Durgadi Fort.

An organisation named ‘Sakal Hindu Samaj (SHS)’ was to hold a programme at Durgadi Fort on the occasion of ‘Maharashtra Day’ wherein the history of Durgadi Fort in the context of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his activities carried out at this fort, etc. was to be narrated. SHS, therefore, submitted a letter to the Bazarpeth Police station, seeking permission of holding the programme, but the Police did not grant the permission under the excuse of maintaining law and order in the area.

Objection to even displaying a board about stopping encroachment on the fort !

The Police are so scared of Muslims that they did not grant permission to even legally display a board near the gate of the fort to prevent encroachment. The board was to be displayed by ‘Malshej Naneghat and Other Forest Region and Tourism Development Committee (MNFRTD Committee)’s ‘Durgadi Fort Pratishthan and Kalyan Port Pradhikaran’ to stop encroachments on Durgadi Fort. It is written on this board that ‘Hindu Kshatriya Raja Saatavaahan’s Kalyan Port and Durgadi Fort is the protected historical monument site of Shiva Bhagavan Saatavaahan empire. All the land belongs to Durgadi Fort and is owned by MNFRTD Committee. It is set up on a total area of 7.02 acres. Action will be taken against the encroachers’.

No permission for display of board, but permission granted for erecting a pandal for reading ‘namaz’ !

Marquee erected on Durgadi Fort on Ramzan Eid

The Bazarpeth Police, who refused permission to display a board at the entrance of the Fort, granted permission to Muslims to erect a pandal on Ramzan Eid for namaz.

Opposition to Shiva-Jayanti but permission for namaz !

The Police, who deny permission to celebrate Shiva Jayanti and Maharashtra Day on the Fort, however, granted permission for namaz on this Fort on Eid. Police even disallow performing daily rituals at Shri Durgadevi Temple on this Fort during this period. On the 22nd of April 2023, permission was granted for namaz on the Fort on the occasion of Ramzan Eid. Thus, the Police are discriminating between Hindus and Muslims by refusing permission to Hindus.

Plan to lodge a complaint to senior Police officers against the anti-Maharashtra attitude of Police !

People are thinking about lodging a complaint against the Police, who refused permission to even celebrate Maharashtra Day in Maharashtra, with the senior Police officers.

(Credit : Bhavik is here)

Editorial Viewpoint

For whom do such Police work, Maharashtra Government or the encroachers ?