First discuss the disappearance of the girls and then talk about the statistics : Adah Sharma, Actress

Actress Adah Sharma’s appeal against the backdrop of the protests against the film ‘The Kerala Story’

Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story

Mumbai – ‘Our film is not against any religion, but it definitely mentions terrorist organisations. Our film deals with serious issues such as abuse of girls, drug abuse, brainwashing, rape, human trafficking and repeated rape and forced pregnancy by people, as well as taking new-born children and raising them to be used as suicide bombers.

While this is the fact, yet some are saying ‘this is propaganda’ or discussing the statistics of missing girls. First, discuss the disappearance of girls and then talk about the statistics’, Adah Sharma, actress of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, said in a video posted on Twitter. The movie ‘The Kerala Story’ will be released on 5th May. This film is being condemned by many even before its release.

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