Possibility of 30,000 crore litres of water reserves on the moon : Research

Beijing (China) – 30,000 crore litres of water reserves possibly exist on the moon. When comets hit the Moon, glassy spheres are formed. They may contain water, according to a study of lunar soil samples brought back by China’s 2020 Chang’e-5 space probe. The information in this regard has been published in the current issue of the global science journal ‘Nature Geoscience’.

‘After the impact of a comet or a meteorite, billions of glassy spheres, ranging from a few microns to a millimeter in diameter, are formed on the lunar surface. When the solar wind hits the Moon, it carries with it large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. Spherical objects on the moon also contain oxygen. Water is formed after their integration’, Sen Hu, a scientist related to the planets, said. The study has also revealed that this water is renewed every few years.

Mahesh Anand, a professor of astronomy at the Open University in Britain, has called this research very interesting and said that this research will be useful in giving us more reliable information about the moon.