China bans Uyghur Muslims from fasting during Ramzan

Pressure on Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol !

Washington (USA) –The Communist Government of China has now forbidden Muslims from fasting during the Ramzan month. According to a report from ‘Radio Free Asia’, a watch is being kept to find out who is fasting. It also says that China is consistently attacking the cultural and religious traditions of Muslims.

Dilshat Rishit, World Uyghur Congress Spokesperson said, “During Ramzan, the authorities are implementing a round-the-clock monitoring system, including spot home inspections, of Uyghur families in 1,811 villages in Xinjiang Province. The Communist Government is pressurising Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol. About 18 Lakh Uyghur Muslims in the northwest region of Xinjiang are imprisoned and forced to do hard labour. And their womenfolk are subjected to atrocities like rape and sexual exploitation”.

Editorial viewpoint

Turkiye and Pakistan were the first countries to speak about India’s so-called Islamophobia. However, now they are not uttering a syllable about China’s anti-Muslim policy.

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