Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

We are doing what the US did – Putin

Moscow (Russia) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the deployment of nuclear weapons in neighbouring ally Belarus. ‘My decision does not violate the Nuclear Weapons Treaty. The US has deployed its nuclear weapons in other countries and now we are doing the same. Western and European countries continue to behave irresponsibly. I have taken this step due to their irresponsible decision’, Putin said. Putin criticised Britain and the US for sending weapons to Ukraine. He also accused Britain of sending uranium to Ukraine. This is the first time since 1990 that Russia has deployed its nuclear weapons in another country.


Putin said Russia was preparing a special storage facility in Belarus to deploy its nuclear weapons. This work will be completed by the beginning of July. We have already sent several missile systems to Belarus, capable of mounting nuclear weapons. We will not give control of these weapons to Belarus. They will just be stationed there. We have made 10 Belarusian aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Now from next month we will start training of pilots.

There’s no possibility of use of nuclear weapons by Russia ! – US

On Putin’s decision, the US said that there is currently no indication that Russia will use nuclear weapons. We see no reason to change our strategy regarding nuclear weapons. There is no possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. We will stand together to defend NATO countries.

The US has deployed nuclear weapons in many countries !

The US has deployed its nuclear weapons in many countries like Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey. Presenting a security proposal in 2021, Russia had asked the US to withdraw its nuclear weapons from other countries, but this proposal was rejected by the US and NATO countries.