Show cause notice from the Nepal Supreme Court to Nepal PM Prachanda

5,000 people died in the Maoist insurgency !

Nepalian PM Pushpa Kamal Prachanda

Kathmandu (Nepal) – The Nepal Supreme Court has registered a writ petition against the PM Pushpa Kamal Prachanda demanding an investigation of the Maoist violence continuing for a decade in which 5,000 people have been killed. Prachanda has accepted that such murders have taken place. This petition was registered after this. The writ petition says, “What exactly had happened and why did the investigation not take place according to the demand of the petitioner ?” A written response within 15 days is expected by the Court. The petitioner had demanded the arrest of Prachanda, but it was rejected by the Court.

“I am accused of killing 17,000 people, which is not true. However, I am ready to take the responsibility of killing 5,000 people during the conflict,” Prachanda said while addressing a Maghi festival celebration event in Kathmandu. He added that the rest of the 12,000 were killed by the State.