Christian missionaries in Delhi Book Fair distribute anti-Hindu material for free; Hindus protest

This goes on in a ‘secular’ country in the name of freedom of religion ! Only in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will such anti-Constitutional activites come to an end !

Protest outside the missionary stall in the Fair

New Delhi – On 1st March, the United Hindu Front launched a protest at a Book Fair in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan after several Christian missionaries attempted to distribute objectionable content against Hindus. The missionaries also distributed free Bible and indicated the non-Christian attendees to accept Christianity as their new religion.

The event was posted by the United Hindu Front (UHF) on Twitter which said, “The United Hindu Front demands strict action against Christian missionaries spreading propaganda against Hinduism and distributing objectionable material and protested”. According to reports, the Christian missionaries were trying to prepare Hindus for conversion.

The protest at the Book Fair erupted after Dharmendra Bedi, the National Vice President of the United Hindu Front, arrived at the event together with Rahul Manchanda, UHF leader in New Delhi, and other UHF employees.

Jai Bhagwan Goyal, the National President of the Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena and the International Executive President of UHF, said that people working for Christian missionaries were disparaging Hindus and persuading them to convert to Christianity. In the meanwhile, Goyal requested that the Book stalls installed by the missionaries be taken down immediately. He stated that the Kejriwal administration has encouraged open conversions in the Nation’s capital. Goyal requested that people engaged in conversions face harsh punishment from the Police.

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