I can speak in Britain, but cannot raise the issue of China’s intrusion on border in Indian Parliament

Immature statement by the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Britain

London (Britain) – Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised the Modi Government at Hounslow here before 1,500 overseas Indians by raising the issue of China. He said that the opposition had no permission to bring up the topic of the intrusion of China’s Army into India. He could speak about it in Britain, but not in Indian Parliament. It was very shameful.

While speaking at ‘India Insights’, the programme of the Indian Journalist Association, he said,

1. India needs to be alert about China since China appears to be very active and attacking at the border.

2. India was a land of free thinkers, but it is not so any more. They have destroyed that. That is why the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ was initiated.

3. Not me, but Modi is insulting India.

Editorial viewpoint

Will anyone believe Rahul Gandhi’s statement when the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ initiated by Congress had a success going through the six Indian States unhindered, when more than half the States in India are under BJP or with BJP alliance ?

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