If Pakistan could have controlled the population, this situation would not have occurred today !

Former Finance Minister of Pakistan slammed

Karachi (Pakistan) – The former Finance Minister of Pakistan, Miftah Ismail, said that the economic condition of the country has worsened because Pakistan did not control the population in the same way as the other Islamic countries. He was speaking at an event in Karachi. He appealed that we should emphasise population control to overcome economic challenges.

The former Finance Minister of Pakistan, Miftah Ismail

1. Miftah Ismail said, ‘If 5.5 million kids are being born in Pakistan every year, tell me when will you pay attention to population planning in Pakistan ?’. Whenever this topic is discussed, a special group comes forward to criticise it. Muslim countries such as Egypt, Bangladesh, and Tunisia planned population; but we didn’t. If our fertility rate was the same as that of Bangladesh in the last 10 years, Pakistan’s gross national income per capita today would be more than 15 %.

2. He further said, “When we built Pakistan, we changed seven Prime Ministers in the first 11 years since our inception”.  While India established 5 IITs during the same period. Pakistan borrows more to repay past debts. This method will never succeed.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It shouldn’t be wrong to say that the same situation as in Pakistan can happen in India due to a lack of population control.
  • It is well known to the whole world that, who is increasing the population of India. The Indian Government must take strict steps to control it. Don’t be surprised if India too faces the same fate as Pakistan !