Adulterated milk used for Abhishek led to cracks on Mumbai’s ancient Babulnath Shivalinga

IIT Mumbai’s report

Babulnath Temple

Mumbai – The Shivalinga at ancient Babulnath has developed cracks. This came to fore from the report of IIT Mumbai. Therefore, the administration has prohibited the devotees from performing Abhishek (oblation) (Prohibiting devotees from performing Abhishek is not an option but providing them with good quality material for Abhishek is. Does the administration find it difficult to provide it ? – Editor). According to the primary information offering of adulterated abeer, gulal, bhasma, kunkum, sandalwood, and milk has caused cracks on Shivalinga.

1. The Shivalinga from the Babulnath temple is said to date back to the twelfth century. The temple is situated on a small hillock of Malabar Hill in South Mumbai. This temple was built by King Bhimdev. The temple was destroyed over time, but in 1780 some ruins of the temple were found, and it was restored.

2. Nitin Thakkar, President of ‘Shri Babulnath Temple Charitable Society’, said, “Dugdhabishek (milk oblation) has been stopped in the temple since the time of COVID-19. The priests of the temple noticed that the Shivalinga is getting damaged due to rituals with chemical substances for the last 8 to 10 months. The temple trust then decided to conduct a survey through IIT Bombay. They will advise on the conservation of Shivalinga. Their full report is expected by March. Mumbaikars have faith in Babulnath temple. We are very concerned about Shivalinga. All possible steps will be taken to preserve it”

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