Do ‘Minorities’ have a licence to Riot in the country ?

Mr Shankar Pandey

The history of Hindu-Muslim riots in India is very old. If someone writes all this history, it will run into several voluminous books. In India, communal riots often take place between Hindus and Muslims for some reason or the other. Here is a detailed article on the problem of these communal riots and their solutions.

Violent protest against the ‘Agnipath’ scheme

1. Laws have concessions for Muslims but secondary treatment for Hindus

Though India is a Hindu-majority country, Hindus are the most vulnerable in this country. There are several restrictions on them. They are most compelled to follow the Laws. Hindus in this country cannot make factual statements about other religions, and if anyone does, he has to deal with the Law. Muslims, however, are free to attack Hindus and Hindu places of worship at their will. Currently, there are many videos circulating on social media that contain foul language about Hindus and Hindu Deities. However, neither is such content banned nor those who spread it have to deal with the Law.

2. Statements made by Muslim leaders about the assassination of PM Narendra Modi

2A. Maulana Bashir’s warning : Jihadi Muslims lose control while speaking about India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the month of Ramadan in June 2018, Maulana Bashir, a religious leader, called for Jihad amongst Muslims. At that time, he had said, ‘One day the flag of Islam will be hoisted in India and America, and Modi will be assassinated’.

2B. Toxic statements of Congress leader Sheikh Hussain in Nagpur : Recently, the ED (Enforcement Directorate) summoned Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for interrogation in the National Herald case. At that time, Congress protested across the country and in Nagpur. While addressing a public meeting, Sheikh Hussain, the former city President of Congress said, “Modi kutte ki maut marega (Modi will die a dog’s death)”. However, none of the three former Congress Ministers present on the dais at that time objected to this statement.

3. Maulana Tauqeer Raza’s warning about igniting a Civil War in the country

When the politics in the country was heated over the issue of loudspeakers placed on mosques, and bulldozers being run over the illegal constructions of Muslims, Maulana Tauqeer Raza said, “If recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa and bulldozing of mosques are not stopped during Azaan (Prayer call), Muslims will take to the streets. The day Muslims take to the streets, it will be difficult to manage them and another Mahabharat will take place in India”.

4. Opposition of rioters to ‘Agnipath’, a military scheme

The Union Government announced ‘Agnipath’, a military recruitment scheme for youth with several objectives such as addressing the issue of unemployment in the country, providing economic benefits to the youth, bringing discipline in their lives, and fostering patriotism in their minds. Those participating in this scheme will be called ‘Agniveers’ and be offered a 4-year service in one of the three armed forces. In this period, Agniveers will get a decent salary, benefits and facilities, savings in their name after 4 years, future employment opportunities in the Army and other private establishments. All this is in the interest of youth and the country. Thus, no sane youth will oppose this scheme. However, some disgruntled political parties and anti-social elements of this country opposed the Agnipath scheme unnecessarily and created a mess in the entire country.

4A. Rioters in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh cause damage worth Rs 500 crores while protesting against the Agnipath scheme : Youth in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh started violent protests against the Agnipath scheme. They set public properties on fire – 86 trains were burnt, due to which 369 trains had to be cancelled. Many passengers including women and children had to stay in an unsafe environment on the railway platforms for 2 days. This resulted in a loss of public property worth Rs 500 crores. The rioters also pelted stones at buses carrying children. Many buses were set on fire.

4B. Causing immense harm to the country is the sole motive of rioters : While the country was burning, Jharkhand Congress leader Irfan Ansari added fuel to the fire with his venomous remarks. He said, “Desh hoga khoon se lathpath, par hum nahi hone denge Agnipath” (There will be bloodshed in the country, but we will not let the Agnipath scheme be implemented). Many such incidents have proved that whatever be the reason, setting the country on fire, causing great harm to the country, is the only agenda of the Jihadi rioters. Yet, neither the leaders nor Hindu society learns from it.

5. Since radicalism is being taught to them, the Jihadi tendency is on the rise in many Muslims

The communal riots have cost our country crores of Rupees and thousands of lives. Due to these riots, India’s progress has lagged behind by several years. It is noticeable that the non-Muslim community has lost more lives and money since all the communal riots are pre-planned by Muslims. These riots have destroyed numerous houses, industries, businesses, shops and vehicles which were built and bought with great effort. Many families have been completely shattered due to the death of the bread-earner of the house. Many women have been widowed, while children and the elderly left destitute.

Many Muslim children are indoctrinated in radicalism from a very young age at home, in madarasas and within their community. Their clerics like Zakir Naik, Mullah-Maulvis (Muslim clerics) inflame the youth with so much hatred towards the Kafirs that not only the uneducated and less educated Muslims, but also highly educated youth flare up and are incited to commit suicide attacks against the Kafirs. Due to the increase in the teachings and environment of Jihad, their fanaticism and radicalism does not diminish even after receiving higher education. Rather, they use their knowledge and intelligence to cause greater harm to the Kafirs. These Jihadi-minded youth do not have an iota of compassion for the Kafirs. The fire of vengeance and destruction burns in their heads and eyes. They easily commit crimes such as brutally murdering the Kafirs, setting their houses, shops and vehicles on fire, all the while considering this as their religious duty.

6. The Muslim community that carries out pre-planned riots Vs. the dormant Hindu community

All the communal riots that are routinely ignited in India are pre-planned. Before every riot, all Muslims as well as their social media groups are notified of the day and time of the riot. Stockpiling of stones, petrol bombs, glass bottles, swords, knives, machetes, as well as dangerous items and weapons such as pistols are arranged before the riots. However, the non-Muslim society remains dormant as usual. If a snake appears in the house, they do not even have an ordinary stick in the house to kill it. Therefore, in every riot, there is tremendous loss of lives and finances of the non-Muslim communities – Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. By the time the non-Muslim communities come together and take to the streets, the damage is already done. Later, the Police also appear on the streets. As a result, only Hindus get beaten by the Police and arrested in large numbers.

7. Muslims think criticising Hindus, Hindu Dharma and Hindu places of worship, is their religious right

Even the slightest reason is enough for the Muslims to start a riot. They get enraged if Hindus take out processions for their festivals, and chant slogans of Deities and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Muslims cannot tolerate musical instruments played by the Hindus and the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa, but expect that all non-Muslim communities listen to the Azaan simultaneously blaring from the louspeakers of hundreds of mosques in Indian villages. Secularism is not threatened then ! The so-called secularists come out in their support claiming that namaz is the religious right of Muslims. They consider it a religious right to criticise Hindus, Hindu Dharma, Hindu places of worship at their will, but if someone questions their religion, they consider it a heinous crime.

8. Silence of the secularists on Muslim radicalisation

Not only in India but Muslims all over the world have the same mindset. In all the Islamic countries including Pakistan, anyone from a non-Muslim community cannot utter a single word criticising Islam; while in India, Muslims are free to criticise Hindus, Hindu Dharma, their Deities, instigate riots and kill Hindus in broad daylight. Along with this, many videos are there on social media with provocative slogans such as ‘Sarr Tan Se Juda’ (Decapitation).

Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair is notorious for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and inciting the religious sentiments of Muslims, but such acts do not threaten India’s secularism.

The Khan market gang (Bollywood actors named Khan) and the ‘Award Wapsi’ (Award return) gang do not utter a single word of protest at such times.

9. Constant injustice to Hindus due to pseudo-secularism in the country

Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali from Pakistan said while defending Nupur Sharma, ‘She only retorted to Taslim Ahmad Rahmani in a news channel discussion about the Prophet because the latter made an offensive statement about Hindu Deities’; whereas in India many fatwas were issued to kill Nupur. Cases were filed against her in Courts; however, no one even uttered a word of protest against Rahmani who provoked Nupur. Some of the country’s political parties and their leaders, greedy and desperate for Muslim votes, have given ‘secularism’ a very distorted form. This has resulted in continuous injustice to Hindus and made it difficult for them to live happily in their own Motherland.

10. It is necessary to check the patriotism of Muslims and harm inflicted by Hindus to themselves

When riots broke out in Rajasthan, Congress leader and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “Hindus unnecessarily chant slogans of Shriram. It obviously hurts the Muslim sentiments”. Why do Muslim sentiments get hurt due to Shriram’s Name ? And if their sentiments are really hurt, their loyalty to this country should be tested. However, unfortunately, leaders like Gehlot blame the riots on the Hindus instead of questioning the Muslim community. Leaders who pander to the Muslim sentiments, trample the sentiments of Hindus. Still, if Hindus are electing such anti-Hindu leaders, what else can we call it, if not ‘Hindu suicide’ ?

11. Why do Muslim-majority areas become sensitive ?

On 2nd April 2022, Hindus carried out a Yatra to welcome the New Year at Karauli, Rajasthan. After the Yatra reached Muslim-majority settlements, the Muslims started pelting stones from the rooftops. This led to a riot, but instead of asking Muslims about this stone pelting, Rajasthan’s Rural Development Minister Ramesh Meena said, “It was a Police mistake to allow Hindus to pass through sensitive areas”. Then, the question is – Why should the Muslim-majority areas be sensitive ? Hindu-majority areas are never sensitive; when Muslim processions pass through Hindu-majority areas, they are never attacked. Are Muslim-majority areas a part of Pakistan, where Hindus have no religious freedom ? If political leaders start favouring Muslims for votes despite being wrong every time, this whole country will become sensitive. Leaders who unnecessarily appease the Muslims should be aware of this.

– Mr Shankar G Pandey, Pusad, Yavatmal, Maharashtra. (6.12.2022)

Hindus cannot make factual statements about other religions, and if anyone does, he has to deal with the Law !

If politicians start favouring Muslims for votes despite being wrong every time, the whole country will become sensitive !

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