Central Govt to take control over 123 Waqf Board properties

Illegal transfer of properties during the Congress regime ! 

New Delhi –  The Central Government will be taking over 123 properties related to Delhi Waqf Board under its control as per an announcement made to this effect. These properties include mosques, graveyards, dargahs, etc. AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, the President of the Waqf Board, has opposed it and warned the Government that it would not be allowed to do so.

1. All these properties will be under the control of the Central Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry as per the information given to the media.

2. The then Congress Government at the Centre handed over 123 properties to Waqf Board, which was challenged by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). In August 2014, a two-member committee was formed under former Justice S P Garg to conduct an inquiry into this case. The committee submitted a report after hearing all the concerned parties related to Delhi Waqf Board.

3. The Ministry of Land and Urban Development has stated, based on Delhi High Court’s orders, that the Garg Committee report says on the illegal possession of properties by the Waqf Board that no representation or objection has been received from Delhi Waqf Board in this context; therefore, the Central Government will take action of taking control of the properties.

4. Amanatullah Khan has said, raising an objection, that a petition has been filed in January 2022 against the Garg Committee report and all the properties are being used by Muslims. The Board has been taking care of these properties including repairs etc.

Editorial viewpoint

India was divided into two parts 75 years ago creating Pakistan due to the blunder committed by Congress. The same Congress ruled India for six decades, appeasing the Muslims against national interests. Now, it is essential to undo, in a democratic way, all the sins committed by Congress.