Fetus of the accused’s pregnant wife dies due to a grievous assault by the Rajasthan Police : Bhiwani murder case

The incident of 2 Muslims being burnt alive !

Srikanth’s pregnant wife Kamlesh

Nuh (Haryana) – The Rajasthan Police went to Haryana’s Bhiwani and brutally beat up the pregnant wife of Shrikant, the accused in the incident where 2 Muslim youths were burnt alive in their 4-wheeler. Shrikant’s mother has alleged that this beating resulted in the death of the fetus. The Rajasthan Police have not commented with regard to this case.

Shrikant’s mother happened to file a police complaint in Nuh, Haryana, stating that around 30-40 people dressed in Rajasthan Police uniforms entered her home at 3:30 a.m. on 17th February and abducted her two sons named Vishnu and Rahul. She also said that they used abusive language for her and her family members and forcefully raided the premises, searching for Shrikant. She has demanded strict action against the culprits who hit her pregnant daughter-in-law, resulting in the death of her grandchild. Based on the allegation of Shrikant’s mother the Nuh Police have registered a case against the Rajasthan Police. The Police have given reassurance that strict action is being taken with regard to this case.

Meanwhile, a real brutal side of Rajasthan Police came to the fore on 17th February when they reached Shrikant’s house and forcefully raided his premises in Haryana. The Police arrived at his house in Nuh late at night when everybody was fast asleep and forced his family members to open the gate. The Police then barged into the premises and assaulted the family members as they informed them that Shrikant was not at home and that he had gone outside for some work.

The Police pushed Shrikant’s mother, Dulari, and his 9-month-pregnant wife, injuring all three including the unborn child. Reportedly, while raiding Shrikant’s room, the Police further kicked the womb of his pregnant wife, resulting in the death of the fetus inside her womb. The Police forcefully apprehended Shrikant’s brothers Vishnu and Rahul. After that their whereabouts are unknown.

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Rajasthan Police has denied the allegations

Bharatpur SP Shyam Singh claimed that Rajasthan and Haryana Police had indeed gone to Pandit’s home, but they never entered it. “The accused was not present. His two brothers had come out of home and they were freed after questioning. The allegations levelled by the woman are false. Their family member is accused that is why they levelling allegations,” he said.

While speaking to media, Varun Singla, SP Nuh said, “This is a very sad incident. The Haryana Police and Rajasthan police are cooperating in the investigation. According to our facts, the Haryana police and Nuh police had no involvement in this.”

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This incident makes it clear that the Congress Government in Rajasthan is showing malice against the Hindus and appeasing the Muslims to secure its vote bank !
  • It is important to note that organisations like the Human Rights Commission, Women’s Commission and progressives are not opening their mouths against this incident.