We will not allow Non-locals to settle in Jammu & Kashmir : Bukhari’s threat

Altaf Bukhari (Credit : OpIndia)

Srinagar (J&K) – Altaf Bukhari, President of the ‘Apni Party’, said his party would not allow Non-locals to settle in Jammu & Kashmir. He also criticised the ongoing anti-encroachment drive of the administration to take control of Government land. “The land of Jammu & Kashmir belongs to the people of the erstwhile State. If they think they can bring people to settle here on the cleared land, we will not sit idle”, Bukhari threatened.

Mocking the atrocities on Kashmiri Hindus, Bukhari said, “We are not the ones who will go somewhere else to create drama. What is to be done with the residences built (for Kashmiri Hindus), will be decided by the elected Government, and we will take the decision on it”.

Editorial viewpoint

  • Is Kashmir Bukhari’s personal property ?
  • Every Indian has sacrificed to protect and develop Kashmir ! People who make such statements should be charged with sedition and imprisoned for life !

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