Violent pro-Khalistan protesters loot riot-gear and weapons in Chandigarh

Protesters turn violent

(Image credit – Hindustan hub)

Chandigarh – Sikhs supporting Khalistan started violence on a large scale at the Chandigarh – Mohali border on 8th February. They were demanding the release of Sikh prisoners, also known as Bandi Sikhs. The protesters had planned to march towards Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s residence. The Police barricaded the road and stopped them from proceedings.

The protesters pelted stones at the Police and in retaliation Police used water cannons to disperse the protesters. Within minutes, the clash between the protesters and Police turned violent. Sikhs attacked the Police with rods, sticks, swords and other sharp-edged weapons. They even looted riot-gear and weapons, tear-gas faucets. Many agitators have been arrested by the Police in this regard. According to the Police 12 organisations supporting Khalistan had joined the agitations. They were shouting slogans in support of Khalistan. This agitations and violence was pre-planned conspiracy.

Editorial perspective

The activities of Khalistanis in Punjab is on the rise. Before it causes harm, the Centre should stop them with stringent action at the earliest.