Indians residing in Australia send a memorandum to Home Minister Claire O’Neill

  • Ban the Sikhs from carrying weapons !
  • Demand to deport the Nihang Sikhs from Australia !

Melbourne (Australia) – A memorandum was submitted to the Australian Home Minister Claire O’Neill regarding the attack on Indians by Khalistanis on 29th January. It was handed over to the Home Minister when she came to visit the Shri Durga Devi temple. There were 7 demands in the memorandum. She assured all those present that she will look into these demands seriously.

Below are the demands made by the Indians –

1. The issue and use of weapons by Sikhs should be banned.

2. Nihang Sikhs (Sikhs in blue clothes) on temporary visas should be deported from Australia.

3. Offensive posters placed on religious places and four-wheelers should be removed.

4. The victims of the attack on 29th January 2023, should get justice at the earliest.

5. The Government should protect the victims.

6. Sikh religious places should be freed from fundamentalists.

7. All these cases should be reviewed regularly.

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