154 Hindus murdered in Bangladesh in 2022

8,990 acres of land of Hindus grabbed by Islamists

New Delhi – Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance reported that attacks on Hindus in majority Muslim Bangladesh are on the rise day by day. In 2022, 154 Hindus were murdered, and 39 Hindu women were raped. It stated that 8,990 acres of land belonging to Hindus were grabbed by Islamists in Bangladesh. 128 temples were set on fire; 481 Deity Idols were vandalised. 333 Hindus were forced to eat beef.

Editorial viewpoints

  • One cannot imagine the state of Hindus in Pakistan if this is the state of affairs of Hindus in Bangladesh. Please note that there is no other alternative to declaring India a Hindu Rashtra to stop the genocide of Hindus.
  • It is shameful for Hindus to see the Indian Government remaining inactive over atrocities meted out to Hindus in Islamic nations.

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