Conversion of poor Hindus by a South Korean Pastor in Nepal

70 churches built in Nepal in 20 years !

Church built in the village of Jharlang (left) Pastor Pang Chang (right)

Kathmandu (Nepal) – An appalling state of affairs has been revealed in Nepal in which poor Hindus are being converted by a Pastor from South Korea, sometimes with the lure of money and sometimes under the pretext of performing miracles. The Pastor is identified as Pang Chang.

1. A report on the conversion of Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal has been prepared by the BBC news channel. This report states that Pang Chang has built a church in the village of Jharlang in Nepal and named it ‘Victory to Jesus’. He has converted the poor Hindus and Buddhists of this village to Christianity.

2. Pastor Pang Chang has been living in Nepal for the past 20 years. He has overseen the opening of nearly 70 churches in Nepal during this period. Pang Chang claims that the people themselves donated land to help build the churches.

3. According to the BBC report, 7,758 churches have been built in the Hindu-majority Nepal, and South Korea is behind this entire transformation. According to a report, there are 300 families of Korean missionaries living in Nepal.

4. In the Hindu-majority Nepal, the number of Christians is currently said to be 2%. In 1951, there were no Christians in Nepal. By 2011, their number increased to 3,76,000.

Editorial Viewpoints

While India needs to give all possible help to prevent the conversion of Hindus in Nepal, it is a fact that rulers of the last 75 years have not been able to stop these conversions in India itself. In such a case, Hindus can be saved only by establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, which Hindus should at least realise now and be determined to work towards it !

Since Nepal has become a ‘secular’ country, the golden age for missionary work has begun ! : Pang

Pang says that when he came to Nepal in 2003, the country was ruled by a Hindu dynasty. He said he was shocked to see so many Idols being worshipped. (The irony is, Christians themselves worship an Idol of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and the Cross !) Nepal became a secular country following the civil war in 2008, and this began the golden age of missionary work.

Pang noted that despite the anti-conversion law in the country, the missionaries are converting Hindus at a rapid pace. The birthplace of Bhagawan Buddha is facing an attack on its culture and history which makes him delighted.

Imagine a country where Christians had a negligible population, now facing a parasitic conversion rate. Notably, Korean missionaries are known for being aggressive. They mostly target places that are known to be ‘hardest to convert’.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • This shows that it is easy for missionaries to operate conversion campaigns in ‘secular’ countries. This is why even in a ‘secular’ India, Hindus are converted by missionaries and no one can do anything about it !
  • Hindus can be saved only by establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, which Hindus should at least realise now and work for it !