India’s oldest pending case verdict after 72 years

Kolkata (Bengal) – The dispute of 1951 surrounding the dissolution of the former Berhampur Bank Limited has finally been resolved by the Calcutta High Court in the last week. It was concerning debts of  Berhampur Bank Limited. The present Chief Justice was born after around a decade after the filing of the case. Calcutta High Court has still two of the five oldest pending cases to resolve. All the cases were filed in 1952, the Times of India reported two Civil lawsuits out of these 5 cases are being handled in the Civil Courts of Malda.

On 19th November 1948  Calcutta High Court had declared Berhampur Bank bankrupt and issued an order to close it; but the depositors had challenged this order of the Court with a petition demanding return of their money with the bank.

Editorial perspective

Can anybody say that the ‘Justice has been done’ for the case resolved after 72 years ?