Indians make excellent contribution by paying taxes

  • Indian-Americans praised in US Parliament
  • Indian-American community, which forms just about one percent paying six percent of its taxes.

Washington (US) – A physician by profession, Republican McCormick represents the 6th Congressional District of Georgia,  praised Indian-Americans saying Indian-Americans, 1% of US population, pay 6% of taxes. He said that, there were 42 lakhs Indians, this was the 3rd biggest Asian community. Rich McCormick said further that Georgia had 1 lakh Indians, they obey the laws and pay taxes too. He described Indian-Americans as great patriots, upstanding citizens and good friends. Congressman Rich McCormick said the process for immigration should be streamlined for those who go to the United States to “obey the law and pay their taxes”.

During his US tour, the Indian Minister of Commerce, Piyush Goyal had requested Biden Government to expedite the process of giving ‘Business visa’; so that Indians will be able to visit US for business purposes.

Indians play an important role in US election. In order to get maximum Indian votes their election campaign is planned focusing on Indians.

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