Hindus should keep a sword in the house for puja ! : Pramod Muthalik

Sri Ram Sene (SRS) chief Pramod Muthalik’s appeal to the Hindus !

Pramod Muthalik

Kalaburagi (Karnataka) – Sri Ram Sene National President Pramod Muthalik appealed that everyone should keep swords in their homes for worship. He was addressing a Hindu Convention at Yadravi town. The video of this claim is there on social media.

Mr Pramod Muthalik added the sword should be kept in the house not for attacking others, but for the defence and protection of the country and Dharma. If Police come to your house to question about the sword, then you should say that our Hindu Deities like Shri Durgadevi, Shri Mahakalidevi, Shri Ram, etc. all carry swords; so file a case against them. The Hindus used to worship weapons. Now we worship books, writing materials, vehicles, etc. Police too worship their guns; they do not worship paper and files.

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Similarly, weapons should be kept in the house. It should be worshipped. If there is a sword in the house, then no one will dare to molest the Hindu women.

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