Ram Mandir is being built on the land of hatred : Jagdanand Singh

Hateful statement by Rashtriya Janata Dal’s Bihar State President Jagdanand Singh

Rashtriya Janata Dal’s Bihar State President Jagdanand Singh

Patna (Bihar) – India was considered to be the land of Ram and Krishna. Now everything is destroyed and Ram will also run away from Ramayan. Ram will also disappear from everything. Ram will no longer belong to India. Now only one temple will have Ram. Ram temple is being built on the land of hatred. Ram will sit in the same temple. Ram will live not in people’s hearts, but in stones. This is what the RSS is doing. We say Ram not ‘Jai Shriram’. State President of Rashtriya Janata Dal Jagdanand Singh has criticised that Ram of RSS will sit anywhere. He was speaking against the backdrop of the construction of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Jagdanand Singh added that the religious fanatics would make Ram a prisoner; Ram is neither in Ayodhya nor in Sri Lanka but is in Shabri’s cottage. India’s people have been reciting the Ramayan for centuries. The RSS does not realise that it cannot pull Ram from the hearts of the people and confine it in a spacious stone building; the people seek Ram by chanting his name throughout the day and night.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Jagdanand Singh has ever commented about the fact that Babri mosque was built on the birthplace of Shriram due to religious hatred and demolition of Shriram Mandir ? Also, the religious fanatics who supported Babri are still in this country, however, he never spoke about them !
  • Hindu-haters and anti-Hindus are well aware of  mentality that Hindus do not retaliate even if something is said against them. Now, Hindus must teach lessons to them in a legitimate way.

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