153 reported incidents of Love Jihad according to OpIndia this year

Muslim youths faked their identity as Hindus in 99 cases

(Image credit : OpIndia)

New Delhi – In 2022, 153 incidents of love jihad were reported in the Country by the news website OpIndia. Since some incidents could not be reported to society or the Police, the number of love jihad incidents may be higher. In these incidents, Hindu girls, and young and adult women have become victims.

1. In different States, 65 in Uttar Pradesh, 37 in Madhya Pradesh, 12 in Jharkhand, 7 each in Uttarakhand and Gujarat, 5 each in Delhi and Karnataka, 4 in Maharashtra; 3 in Bihar, 2 each in Haryana, Rajasthan, and Kerala and 1 in Assam, cases of love jihad have been reported.

2. Considering month-wise, on January 11th, February 4th, March 12th, April 8th, May 10th, June 11th, July 17th, August 11th, September 14th, October 7th, November 22nd, and December 25th incidents took place.

3. 99 out of 153 Muslim youths hid their religion and claimed to be Hindus, while 6 hid their marital status. Among other things, they tied a red thread around their wrists and used Hindu names to fake their identity.

4. In 21 cases, the Hindu girls were caught in the love trap by force with explicit private photographs and videos of rape, and death threats.

5. In 22 cases, Hindu girls were forced to break Idols of Deities, fed beef, wear the burqa (veils), and have physical relations with friends. In 3 cases, relatives of young women were threatened with beheading.

6. The age of the girls in 28 cases was less than 18 years of age. This means that Muslim youths were targeting minor Hindu girls.

7. While studying the cases during the year, in 7 cases, Dalit Hindu girls were targeted by Muslim youths.

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