Attempt of forced religious conversion of Hindus in UP : 2 people including Priest arrested

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Rampur (UP) – The Police have arrested 2 people on charges of attempting to force convert Hindus during Christmas in Patwai and Milak. Pastor Polo Messiah pitched a tent in the Sohna village of Patwai to convert more than 100 Dalit Hindus. After Hindu organisations learned of this, they notified the Police. Which lead to the arrest of Pastor Polo by the Police.

In another instance, Milak’s young man boarded the bus with 30-40 Hindus for the purpose of converting to Delhi. As soon as Hindu organisations learned about this, they stopped the bus and enquired. Police were notified following a dispute. A young man named Shivdesh was arrested by the Police.

Editorial viewpoint

Despite the anti-conversion law in UP, such incidents are taking place. This clearly shows that fanatic Christians are not afraid of the law. Severe punishments should be imposed to stop this !