Attempt of mass conversion of Hindus by Christians in two separate incidents at Sitapur (UP)

Four Brazilian nationals arrested by Police

Sitapur (UP) – Attempts of mass conversion of Hindus by Christians have been exposed in two separate incidents. Police have arrested 10 people including 4 Brazilian nationals.

1. Ashutosh Verma, security chief of Bajrang Dal, reported to the Police about the ongoing conversion of Hindus at the house of Shravan Kumar Gautam in Saidpur village. A large number of people were gathered here and they were lectured against Hindu Dharma. VHP workers found ongoing conversions when they arrived. After informing the Police, they took action and seized the objectionable documents.

2. The second incident took place in Shahbazpur village. David Asthana, a resident of Jaunpur and a pastor, bought land and built a church here 3 years ago. People were visiting this place from outside. Naimish had complained that some people were being called here for conversion. Rohini Asthana, wife of David, and 4 Brazilian nationals came to this church. Among the 4 Brazilian nationals, one was found to be a pastor. The Police have taken them into custody.

Editorial viewpoint

It is outrageous that despite having a pro-Hindu BJP Government in power in UP, the arrogant Christians are trying to convert Hindus. In order to prevent such incidents, strict laws and strong action are needed.

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