A 13-year-old girl gang-raped and killed in Bihar !

  • The dead body was found in a pit !
  • Villagers alleged that the Police did not take any action even after the girl was reported as missing
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Patna (Bihar) – An incident has come to light where a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped and brutally murdered in Bihar’s Bagaha and her body was buried on the river bank. The girl was missing since 15th December.

1. On 18th December, when her family and the local villagers reached the other side of the river in search of her, they found that the land along the river had been recently dug up. Some sticks were also found to be thrown over it.

2. After the villagers got suspicious, they dug up the place and found the dead body of the girl. The girl’s school uniform was also found lying near the pit. Her slippers were found in a nearby sugarcane field. As soon as the Police got the information about the incident, they rushed to the spot and started their investigation.

3. After the girl’s body was found, the villagers were enraged. They protested on the streets. When the girl went missing, the victim’s family had suspected a youth from the village; but the Police did not search for him in time. The villagers allege that the girl wound up dead because of the inactivity of the Police.

4. According to Police, she was first gang-raped in a sugarcane field. Then the accused dug up a pit next to the river and dumped her body inside it.

Editorial viewpoint

This is evident from the above incident that Bihar has reverted to its earlier state of being a ‘Jungle Raj’. Even the poisoned liquor case had happened due to the inaction of the Police. Considering the seriousness of the crimes in the State, President’s Rule should be implemented in Bihar !

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