Attempt was made to convert Nathuram Godse to Christianity during his imprisonment !

Claim of the BJP leader in Kerala TG Mohandas

(Left side) Nathuram Godse

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – BJP leader TG Mohandas has claimed that an attempt to convert Nathuram Godse to the Christian religion was made during his imprisonment. This has been revealed based on the National Archival in Delhi after studying 11,000 documents. Saying so, TG Mohandas has published an image of a document.

The document published by Mohandas is a letter. This letter was written by the then-Indian Officer in Pakistan YK Puri to the Deputy Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of India Prem Kishan. This letter was written on 14th September 1949 from Lahore. The letter says, “Dear Prem Kishanji, I am sending you 2 air mails. These emails have advice regarding the Christian religion. These have been written to the killers of Gandhi Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte from Britain.”

Mohandas further said that the original letter from Britain is not available. No information is available to confirm if the letter was given to Nathuram Godse or his response to the letter.