Three more members of the jury stand by Israeli director Lapid’s opinion on ‘The Kashmir Files’ !

(Right side) Film director Nadav Lapid

New Delhi – The Kashmir Files film was screened in the international film festival recently held in Goa. Nadav Lapid, the chairperson of the five-member jury board of this festival and a film director from Israel, criticised the film as disgraceful. His comments were criticised and later, he apologised for his comments, but the matter didn’t end there as now, the other three members of the jury committee have supported Lapid’s statement. The fifth member of the jury, Sudipto Sen has earlier clarified that he didn’t support Lapid’s statement.

Jinko Gotoh, one of the jury members, tweeted that the 15th film ‘The Kashmir Files’ shown in such an art festival was a shock to us because it was a vulgar and propaganda movie. Its inclusion in the festival was inappropriate. I and other two members (a French film producer and journalist Javier Angulo Barturen and a French film editor Pascale Chavance) stand by Lapid’s comment. Our opinion is not a political stance, but a thought expressed from the viewpoint of art. It is sad to use the platform of a film festival for politics, and later, for personal attacks on Nadav. It was not the intention of the members of the jury.

Editorial viewpoint

Even after Lapid apologised for his statement, the other three jurors making a similar statement seems to be a part of a big conspiracy ! The Central Government needs to investigate the matter !

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