Muslim woman can marry person of her choice after reaching 15 Yrs of age : Jharkhand High Court

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – The Jharkhand High Court has held that there is a presumption under Muslim law that people attain puberty at the age of ’15 years’ and upon attaining the same, they are at liberty to marry persons of their choice without any interference of their guardians.

  1. 24-years-old Mohammed Sonu from Nevada, Bihar, had kidnapped a 15-year-old girl for marriage.
  2. Then, her father filed a missing complaint in the Police station. The Police had registered a crime with reference to the complaint. The proceedings of this case were in progress in the High Court.
  3. The counsel appearing for the girl submitted that the marriage has been solemnized and both the families have accepted the marriage and in that view of the matter, the entire criminal proceeding may be quashed.
  4. The counsel for the father of the girl submitted that the counter affidavit has been filed on behalf of the father, due to misunderstanding.
  5. In view of the above facts and considering the submissions of the counsel appearing for the parties as well as the documents, the Court quashed the pending criminal proceedings.

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