Iranian citizens celebrate Iran’s Football World Cup defeat !

The anti-hijab agitation issue

Doha (Qatar) – After the defeat of Iran against the USA in the ongoing football world cup in Qatar, not the Americans but Iranian citizens celebrated their joy of this defeat in Iran itself. Some stepped on the roads to dance out of joy while there was vandalism at some places.

(Credit : The Guardian)

For some months, the anti-hijab agitation has been going on in Iran. Some of these protestants had demanded not to send Iranian team for this tournament. The team initially refused to sing Iran’s national anthem before their first game in an apparent show of solidarity with demonstrators but the Iranian citizens were upset as they sang the national anthem before the 2nd match. Now as the team is defeated, the citizens are expressing their joy.

Editorial viewpoint

This reveals how much the Iranians are against hijab ! Will the staunch hijab supporters in India speak about this ?

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