Bengaluru : Condoms, contraceptive pills and cigarettes found in school students’ bags

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Following a complaint about students bringing mobile phones to school, the school administration began checking the bags of Class 8 to 10 students. During the inspection, condoms, cigarettes, lighters, whiteners, and other items were found in the bag. D Sashi Kumar, general secretary of KAMS (Associated Management of Schools in Karnataka), inspected nearly 80% of schools. An alcohol-filled water bottle and contraceptive pills were found in a student’s bag. The condom was found in the notebook of a girl studying in Class 10. When asked about this, she blamed her classmates at private tuition. Parents were equally shocked by the sudden changes in their children’s behaviour. After this, some schools have called up parent-teacher meetings and urged to have a dialogue with their children.

Dr A Jagdish, a psychiatrist urged parents to guide their children and said, “In one case, a single mother found a condom in her 14-year-old son’s shoe rack. A few children like to experiment and indulge in such activities. This includes smoking, leading to drug addiction and over-socialising with the opposite sex that might lead to physical interaction.”

Editorial viewpoint

Parents send their children to school to educate and instill moral values in them. It is evident from this incident what they are doing. At home, school, and society, it is equally important to provide an environment conducive to educating and instilling moral values in children. 

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