‘Why just 35, Shraddha could have been chopped into 36 pieces’ !

  • Rashid Khan, a youth from Uttar Pradesh, speaks in support of Aftab Poonawala
  • Says Aftab was right
(Left side) Rashid Khan

Bulandshahr (UP) – Aftab Poonawala, who brutally killed Shraddha Walker, a Hindu girl, is being supported by many fanatical Muslims in India. One such video of a person identified as Rashid Khan from Bulandshahr is going viral in which he is seen answering the questions asked by a female journalist. In this video, Khan said, ‘If a man’s mood is not right, why just 35, he can chop (a woman) into 36 pieces too. If I had an argument with someone like that, I would do the same’.

1. When the female interviewer asked him where he is being trained in such thoughts and deeds, he said, ‘What training, just take a knife and start stabbing’.

2. He is also seen saying in this video that he has an experience doing so and if he had an argument with someone, he would bury that person alive’.

3. While supporting Aftab, he also said that both of them may have committed a mistake, one went, the other will also go.

4. After this video of Khan became viral, Hindus are demanding his arrest.

Editorial Viewpoint

This is another example to understand the mentality of religious fanatic Muslims in the country ! This is why it is necessary to take strict action against religious fanatics !