A Dalit Hindu couple gets Rs. 1.20 lakh from a pastor for conversion !

The pastor demanded 4 times more money than what he gave to the couple when the couple stopped going to church !

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Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) – An incident has been exposed in which a Dalit Hindu couple was lured for conversion with money and, later, threatened. The woman said that her husband was given money and both of them were converted to Christianity. She accused that when they stopped going to church, pastor Ajay Lal and his colleague demanded four times more money than was given to her husband.

Ajay Lal gave Rs. 1.20 lakh to this woman’s husband for conversion. She said that Rs. 90,000/- were returned by the couple, and they were ready to return even the balance amount. She has a diary signed by the accused as proof.

Editorial viewpoint

It shows the method used by Christian missionaries to convert poor Dalit Hindus, but the so-called secularists would not open their mouth on such matters !

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