Owing to looming recession, avoid buying cars and refrigerators : Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warns

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warns

New York  – A recession is looming. Don’t buy cars and refrigerators, warned Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Billionaire Jeff Bezos has advised customers to keep their cash reserves safe and avoid unnecessary expenses on vacation. In an interview on the NIN American news channel, he said that considering the status of the upcoming recession, American families should avoid buying expensive things like cars, refrigerators, etc. If you are single and thinking of buying a big-screen TV, don’t go for it. Instead, save the money and watch what happens, he added.

Bezos further said that he would be donating a big share of his property of 124 billion dollars. Some part of his property he would be donating to face the climatic changes. Similarly, some parts would be donated to support people who can unite society.