World population hits 800 crore

200 crore increase in population in 24 years

New Delhi – The world population has hit 800 crores after the birth of a baby on the afternoon of 15th November. The population increased by 200 crores in just 24 years.

1. The population in 1998 was 600 crore. In 2010 it increased to 700 crores. In the next 12 years, that is, in 2022 the population rose by 100 crores more.

2. Since the birth of Jesus Christ, population statistics of the world population is available, for that is since the past 2,000 years. At that time, the world population was just 20 crore. It took around 1,800 years to reach 100 crores.

3. Along with the Industrial revolution, health services too improved. Post-delivery deaths of women and children at birth were reduced. Hence, it is reportedly attributed to increasing rapidly.

Editorial viewpoint

On one hand, world population is increasing rapidly, and half the population is half-fed due to dearth of water and food. If the population keeps increasing like this, then it would not be surprising if it leads to anarchy for getting water and food. Solutions should be found regarding this before such a situation arises.