No reduction in the Chinese Army Force in the Galwan valley !

Indian Army Chief Manoj Pande

New Delhi – Even after the clashes between India and Chinese army in the Galwan valley, China has neither reduced the number of soldiers in the valley nor the basic means of living provided to the army. Hence, though the situation seems to be stable for now, nothing can be predicted, informed the Indian Army Chief Manoj Pande while speaking in the program ‘Chanakya Dialogues’. From the past 2 and a half years, both the armies have deployed 50,000 soldiers and collected weapons in large numbers in this valley.

1. General Manoj Pande said that we all know that China says something and does something else. This a betrayal in a way. We can’t rely on their written statements but need to focus on their action.

2. General Manoj Pande said that in winters there is a possibility of the number of Chinese soldiers on the Line of Control in the Galwan valley getting reduced. Still we need to be alert and observe the situation so that India can protect itself.

3. In the next level of the military news about the India and Chinese conflicts, 2 issues will be focused. Till now, 5 issues out of 7 are resolved. The Dopchok and Depsang issues are still pending.

Editorial viewpoint

China, which is eager the destroying India, should be treated like an enemy by the Indian Government. Breaking all ties with them, they should be taught a lesson in the language they understand.

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