Christian missionaries’ ploy to convert 3 lakh Hindus in Rajasthan !

Claim by ‘Dharma Jagaran Manch’

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Recently, there was news about the conversion of 400 Hindus in Meerut, UP. ‘Dharma Jagaran Manch’, a pro-Hindu organisation has claimed that even in Rajasthan, Christian missionaries are in contact with 3 lakh Hindus for conversion. Christian missionaries are criticising Idol-worshipping and misleading Hindus.

As per the claim of ‘Dharma Jagaran Manch’

1. Missionaries are very active in Dhani Bhairava, Vatika village which is just 22 km from Jaipur, the capital city. They are trying to convert 400 Hindu families in this place.

2. The Christian missionaries are advising Hindus to stop Idol-worshipping; not to follow different observances; not to believe in Hindu Deities, etc. They are also claiming that all problems of Hindus including their ailments would be solved by worshipping Jesus Christ, but worshipping Deities would lead to disaster.

3. As per the information given by the residents, Christian missionaries are promising Hindus with jobs while asking them to throw Idols of Deities in rivers or lakes or keep them under a peepal tree.

Eight Christians arrested at Seoni (Madhya Pradesh) for forcibly converting Hindus !

Eight Christians have been arrested at Dala village in the Seoni district of MP for forcibly converting Hindus. The Police got information about Hindus’ conversion going on at the residence of a person named Sohanlal Nagesh. They were also promised money for conversion.

Sriram Sena’s regional president Shubham Singh said that incidents of conversion were taking place quite often in Seoni, Balaghat, Chhindwara, and nearby areas.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Lack of education on Dharma amongst Hindus is the reason for Hindus falling prey to the lure of Christians. The Central Government should, therefore, impart Dharma education to Hindus and pass a law, at the national level, against the conversion of religion !   
  • If this claim is true, no wonder, Christians are given free hand to do whatever they want in the Congress regime !