Some process has to be implemented to atone for demolishing Hindu temples to build mosques

  • Well-known archaeologist KK Muhammad’s statements
  • The cases of Kashi and Mathura should be closed immediately !
  • A few protesting Muslims cannot change History !
(Left side) Famous archaeologist K.K. Muhammad

New Delhi  –  There are many cases in the country similar to the Babri Case. If they are not dealt with immediately then it will become a big problem. Many temples in the country have been demolished and mosques have been built instead. Therefore it is necessary to correct the mistakes that have been made earlier. The above statement was made by the famous archaeologist K.K. Muhammad he also said that India is secular only because of Hindus.

KK Muhammad further said,

1. A swift solution is required for the cases of Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi in Mathura and Gyanvapi in Kashi. There is absolutely no shortage of evidence here. Only a change in perspective is required.

2. I have always told Muslims that even after the separation of Pakistan, India has always remained secular and this was possible only because of the Hindu majority. (But now, it is true that only a Hindu Rashtra is the need of the hour– Editor.)

3. If any matter of scientific research comes to light it is important that we put our faith in it.

4. Archaeologists have no future in the country. Even the government is not doing anything special to encourage it. I had high expectations from the BJP Government, but unfortunately, they are not doing anything about it. In fact, the worst period of the Archaeological department was during the tenure of the BJP Government.

Who is KK Muhammad ?

1. The famous archaeologist KK Muhammad has shown his support for the reconstruction of a grand temple for Shriram in Ayodhya at the Babri masjid site. He had personally visited the site in 1976-77 and excavated it. He in fact verified that the Babri base was built on the pillars of temples. But he had to face the wrath of the Muslims for the above statements. But even in the face of such adversity, he had said that he could not be dishonest about his findings just because a few people are protesting. He stood firm and said that the remains of the temple were found during the excavation and this is a fact. He said that it is his duty to present the facts of history as it is. (Has a Hindu Archaeologist ever thought in this manner ? Have they ever tried to preserve and protect the sanctity of the Ram Mandir ? This is extremely shameful for Hindus – Editor)

2. K.K. Muhammad had also said that the Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid was built in the vicinity of Qutub Minar after destroying 27 temples in Delhi. In fact, the mosques were built from the same stones of the temples that had been destroyed. This incident has been mentioned in the Arabic inscriptions of those places and also in a book called the ‘Taj Masir’.